Thinking and Thoughts – How Thoughts Are Occupying You and Creating Your Reality – (Part 1)


The thoughts are what you become.

The thoughts that you have is also what you become, a well-known fact. Your thought shows what is active in your mind at exactly this present moment. Your thinking is a manifestation that takes place in your mind. You see and desire sharply that your thoughts can become realized. This amuses you in your world and in your mind of pictures and events. A world that is very easy for you to realize. It is precisely this that creates your reality, gradually. Everything becomes yours, when thoughts are transformed. This is basics in the law of thinking.

Thoughts appearing.

Appearing is other, already in reality, created thoughts that are yours. Yes, even thoughts from others, who are there for you at that moment, in your mind or present? This is in order to sense what you adapt yourself consequently to, or simply and fully clearing out in your life.

In this instant, when your thoughts are your new manifested chain of reality, and in the life you live, those thoughts they do not find its place any longer.

Give some room and place for something new.

This thinking of yours, close to your old thoughts, habit-thoughts they have to leave you now entirely or partially just to give some room and place for something new. Your habit-thoughts goes to the wardrobe. Stay there for your safety, a foundation.

Old thought and thinking becomes memories.

The old thought and thinking becomes memories from experiences you’ve had and from a reality you’ve created, tried out and lived. Now, other matters are to be applied.

What you desire for yourself, the new in your thoughts are so clear, and will in reality point out for you, what you can receive. You may certainly keep your new thoughts for your direction. This position of new creations can also be frightening, sometimes.

To have fun with a future reality.

But if you do not recognize, what is manifesting for you and the reality you’re creating, then, a possibility is there for you to change, to have fun with a future reality. See various standard, variants. This is happening in your mind and now so very close to be realized. You are beginning to attract wealth and getting the supply needed. Happening by autopilot you have also money making ideas and this is your wealth builder and it’s fun and easy.

Your thinking has at least two levels.

There are also at least two levels of thinking that you can be familiar with. The first is, when you, on your own, are sitting and day dreaming and you desire those different thoughts would become true. Someone you are in love with and hope for, or the job you want to point to your direction. It is when you as a human being, in present time, can observe how your thoughts and dreams would take shape in reality. The dream and the thought are now very much in front of you.

This, your second, thinking, can even be included in an agreement, always with your free will of course. You are as a human being so amazingly created and you know what a dream is and what’s thinking. Your thoughts are much as a kind of bricks in your building called reality. Is this brick that I am holding, is it suitable for my building? Are the shapes correct, the colors suitable? And so on.