Things To Say To An Ex Girlfriend – 3 Things You Must Say


Things To Say To An Ex Girlfriend

Admit it. Right after the shock of being dumped, your first thought was “How can I change her mind?” While your knee-jerk reaction to drop your knees and apologize is normal, experts say that saying “I’m sorry” is often exactly the wrong thing to do. Read on to find out exactly what you must say – and what she wants to hear.

1. “I’m Sorry”

This is about the most cliche thing you can say – so if you’re going to apologize, do it with style. Take some time to think about what really went wrong and how it made her feel. When you’re ready, be sure to focus on how badly she felt – this will show her that you’re trying to understand her side of the story. And don’t over-apologize – some things are her fault, and you shouldn’t be blaming yourself for them. Apologizing too much can make you look insincere and scheming. “You can easily come across as trying to manipulate someone to get on his or her good side,” writes reconciliation expert Christine Akiteng. Things To Say To An Ex Girlfriend

2. “I Agree, It’s a Good Idea If We Separate”

This is one phrase she doesn’t expect to hear – and one that will do more to win her back than anything else you can say. Women expect that, upon hearing the news, their boyfriend will beg and plead for another chance. The last thing they see coming is understanding from your side – and this paves the way to more constructive interaction later on. “The first thing you wanna do is just agree with the break-up,” says T. W. Jackson, the author of best-selling Magic of Making Up. “You have to let them go before they’re ever wanna come back.”

3. “I Love You”

This is an extreme option that can make either her fall into your arms or right out of love. “I Love You” is about the first thing she expects to hear from an ex boyfriend. That’s why you need to use it sparingly, and only if you think she feels the same way. Be ready to back it up with something concrete – like, a plan on how to avoid the problems that had led to the break-up in the first place. Things To Say To An Ex Girlfriend