Things To Prepare When Travelling With Your Dog

.tags Travelling can be an enjoyable thing, especially if you go with the company you love. It can be even more enjoyable if you went with your favorite dog, your little companion whom has seen you through your happiest and toughest times. However, making a dog travel with you will require you ample preparation in order to make your travelling plans worthwhile.

Before you let your dog travel, bring him to a vet to ensure that your dog is at his pink of health. With this, you will be able to get a certificate to proof that he has been vaccinated from dog-carrying diseases, which will be necessary if you are planning to travel on a plane. If any other vaccination is required, make sure he is able to rest enough before departure. You may also get a sedative for him for the plane ride if he is the kind who is always on pins and needles.

Also, make sure that your dog has his tag well fastened onto his collar. It should have your address and telephone number written so that people can refer to it if he gets lost. You should also take a picture of him so that you will ease your find should he go missing. Nowadays, most pets would come with microchips implanted under their skin which can be read using a scanner. This enables easier identification of the dog.

You have your luggage, and so do your dog. In order for him to feel safe, bring along things that are of his habit, such as his favorite toy, bed, plate and food. Remember to also bring a first-aid kit for him, as well as his medical records. And when you make reservations to a hotel, make sure that it is pet-friendly, or else, you would not be able to keep your dog with you.

Lastly, make sure you bring along a pet barrier or carrier to be used in cars. This can ensure that your dog sits safely in cars during travels. Make sure your dog have tested it in your own car so that they do not get frightened by it when you use it in a foreign place.