Things To Know When Traveling To Beijing

.tags One of the first things a tourist should do upon arrival in Beijing employ the services of a local tour guide. You can find a good tour guide before you even leave home by contacting travel agencies in Beijing over the phone or by internet. When searching for the right travel agency, take note of the pricing and choose the one that fits your budget. The middle price range offers the best value.

If you choose to explore the city on your own, search the internet and print off maps of Beijing. This way, you can get some idea of where the best sites are located and be able to make your way around the city with less difficulty. Once there, you may wish to purchase a subway map for getting from area to area. Travel agencies may be able to provide you with a tourist map that is written in English. Such maps should include not only historical and modern sights, but local restaurants and hotels as well.

Beijing has two types of tourist tours. The common bus tour offers a budget solution for most tourists. The bus will have a tourist guide and the low price is all-inclusive. The bus tour is among the most used types of tourist tours. It gives visitors a chance to visit this beautiful city in the company of others from all over the world. It is a great way to make friends from different countries. The other type of tourist tour is the private tour. With this option, you will have your own private guide. While it is quite expensive, it is also the best way to visit Beijing.

When it comes to places of interest, Beijing offers one of the largest collections of historical and cultural monuments in the world, starting with the Great Wall of China, one of the few man-made structures visible from space. This wall protected the ancient civilization of China and helped the empire to survive for thousands of years.

Another great attraction is the Forbidden City, which is the heart of the Chinese Empire and home to Chinese emperors for more than 600 years. The massive palace housed twenty four emperors and it is one of the best preserved palaces in the world.

Nightlife in Beijing offers plenty of interest places to visit. Purchase a ticket for the renowned Beijing Opera and/or enjoy the many bars and clubs scattered all over the city.

No visit to Beijing is complete without taste of the traditional Chinese cuisine. Try the most popular dish in the entire Beijing city, Peking Duck. Popular since the imperial times, this course was once served to kings. Of course, there are many other Chinese specialties from which to choose, such as the Lamb Hot Pot or the Sichuan Smoked Duck.

Beijing can take weeks or even months to explore and enjoy. The city is huge and there are too many sites to visit in one single trip. Try to visit the sites that interest you most during your first visit and take your time to explore the rest during other trips, as this is one city that will always have something new to offer.