Things To Know About The Weather In Wales


While people are not exactly flocking to Wales to get a tan, it does not necessarily mean that the weather there would not be a good one if you are planning a vacation.  In fact, the country has its fair share of fair weather which is perfect for enjoying any activity that does not include playing in the rain.  This means that you do not have to spend all your time staying inside holiday cottages UK.

If you are planning to go on activities during your holidays in Pembrokeshire which would require good weather, you should avoid October to January since these are the wettest months in Wales.  Of course, there are a lot of good activities to do during this rainy season instead of just staying inside holiday cottages UK.

Considering that Wales is a wet country, the summer months which is from June to August is the busiest time for the country in terms of the number of visitors going on holidays in Pembrokeshire.  If you are therefore planning to visit the country during that time, it would be best to book a room in advance on your favorite hotel.  If not, you can always find beautiful holiday cottages UK to stay in.

Although there are plenty of great places to visit in this nation, with the small window of good weather available to tourists, you might still find yourself looking for accommodation even if you are going to a secluded beach in your holidays in Pembrokeshire.  The best way to make sure that this would not happen is to personally call operators of even small holiday cottages UK to make sure that you would have a place to stay in during your stay there.

The second option would be to go anytime of the year you want in Wales and not counting on the weather to control your schedule.  Either way, you can always enjoy the great view of picturesque countryside on your holidays in Pembrokeshire no matter what the weather is.

Apart from checking the perfect weather during your visit to Wales, another thing that you should be thinking about is where to stay exactly.  There are plenty of good hotels in the country but if your budget cannot afford them, you can always try traditional holiday cottages UK which are usually located near picturesque view of the landscape that people on holidays in Pembrokeshire have enjoyed in the past.