There’s No Longer An Agreement


There’s No Longer An Agreement

There’s no agreement I can find

not in my heart nor in my mind

during the silence, at night, on TV

It is so painful–it hurts to see

lives in pictures and printed words

honored in memory; in silence heard

Men and women, our country’s youth

fighting for freedom; living the truth

Coming back to be laid in the grave

in native soil, the Land of the Brave

Leaving home, they’re hopeful and whole

but return with torn bodies and bruised souls

Lacking is the assistance they desperately need

Is that how our country honors their deed?

Before it was easier, and I used to say

We should be there–It’s the American way

I back my government, I support the troops

And I did so with belief in the wavering proof

When doubt would question my political bent

my heart would say, “There’s a reason they went.”

When my mind said, “Our servicemen shouldn’t be there.”

My spirit urged me, “Our freedom is something we share.”

So, as long as my heart could convince my head

I’d go along, listening to the lists of the injured and dead

I was a faithful citizen–volunteering and doing my part

Moving forward while ignoring my damaged heart

But my spirit started questioning what my mind was saying

and I began to feel my beliefs stretching and fraying

So I turned to God, asking for strength and direction

and with His help, my mind and heart made a selection

My heart and my mind, one with the other, would agree

I’d love to see them all here, safe, well, and with their family

The hurry-it-up part of me wants them back home right now

Could not the government do that quickly, ASAP, somehow?

You see, there’s no agreement I can find

not in my spirit, my heart, nor in my mind

I can no longer condone our presence over there

What’s happening to our youth does not seem fair

The young people of this country are our future

It is difficult enough starting off well and strong

But if they are killed or gravely injured it’s wrong

For any good we are doing, this journey’s too long

Our American people seem to agree with the thought

that our young men and women have rallied and fought

Perhaps some would join me with the great need to yell…

I want them home, I want them happy. I want them well!

There is no longer an agreement I can find

not in my heart, nor in my soul, nor in my mind…

Copyright 2007 Kathy Pippig Harris