The Y Factor by Liam Roberts


“The Y Factor” by Liam Roberts is a spellbinding, technological, and scientific action adventure.

Driven by intense hatred and extreme violence the Muslim Brotherhood is in a battle for religious and racial supremacy. They are in a mission, a thirst for world power and domination. Celebrated scientist Ahmed Alomari is in a conspiracy to research the DNA of the Islamic race to the beginning of human history and to uncover the Y factor.

Liam Robert’s book “The Y Factor” had me mesmerized before the end of the first page. The book is a fusion of mystery, trepidation, and intrigue. The fast moving plot includes computer and genetics technology, scientific data, al Qaeda assassins, detailed information on the Muslim religion, culture and history as well as military tactics

Ominous plot twists, murder, bedlam, terrorists, and government agents find young computer analyst Eric Colburn and his geneticist girlfriend Alana McKinsey in a battle for their lives in cities around the world including: Atlanta, Georgia; Delhi, India; Tokyo, Japan; Cairo, Egypt; and Karachi, Pakistan. The plot is filled with an adrenaline rush that intensifies page after exciting page, combining conflict and resolution, and then a cycle of more conflict and resolution.

Liam Roberts is a new voice in the techno thriller genre. Crisp strong writing and an amazing creative imagination insure that Roberts is destined to become a best selling author. His plot ideas are fresh and relevant, his descriptions are exceptional, and his characters are credible. Liam’s fascination with genetics and his insight into the National Geographic’s Genographic Project provide him with the creditability to author this unique insight look into DNA research into tracing a race of people back into Israel’s history.

“The Y Factor” will soon be a favorite for fans who enjoy the thriller techno suspense genre. Readers specifically drawn to novels which incorporate the role of Biblical prophecy with current events will find Liam’s writing exciting, enlightening, and plausible. I am eagerly looking forward to Liam Robert’s next novel.

Realms (A Strang Company), 978-1599796239
As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review