The “X” Factor – Water


If you could add one thing to your diet today that would help you lose fat, what do you think it would be? Water. Yes, water is the most important part of your diet when it comes to losing fat. Water is often overlooked of its effectiveness because it is just so simple. People are out there selling products that will make you magically lose all that unwanted fat and offering magical pills, but why not market water? Because water is free and no money can be made from it, it’s just so simple.

Our bodies are estimated to be made of about 75% water. Now let me ask you this, how much water do you drink in a day? Three glasses? Four glasses? Five!? Five glasses of water a day is still not enough water in order to optimize your body for fat loss and keep your body running ideally. If you even feel thirsty in the day, you are dehydrated. You need to drink more water throughout the day in order to allow your body to “flush” out the excess fat and keep you feeling great. Water is a “miracle” liquid and will actually get rid of fat in your system, doesn’t that amaze you?

Drinking more water will trick your body into thinking that you are full or can’t eat anymore food. This will help you because when you feel full, you won’t eat. Less calories taken = Less Fat. Studies have even shown that drinking about eight glasses of water throughout the day can increase your metabolism by 3%! Drinking water is effective and such a simple thing to do. Why wouldn’t you want to drink more water after hearing those kinds of details, especially since you can easily drink more water.

So why should you drink more water? Well, it will increase your metabolism up to 3% if you are drinking about eight glasses of water a day. It will give you a feeling of being full and in turn will make you eat less food, which means less calories, which means fat loss. If you could change one part of your diet or lifestyle, drink more water. It’s so easy and I don’t know why people don’t implement it. You don’t have to change up your diet (yet), you don’t have to exercise more (yet), but drink more water!