The tremondous Alpine Skiing History


Normally, the history of skiing is an interesting story which goes out for the skiing which was preceded by the snowshoeing. The Sondre Norheim, a Norwegian is called as the “father of modern day skiing”. It wast first invented by the ski binding and the skiers are able to turn the moving downhill which is also known as the Tel mark skiing. The Skiers used the new movements and the skills  have their own  practical means of moving from one location to another through the snow,  but soon as the better and more effective binding was created, allowed some more freedom of movement on the skis.

Origins :
Generally, it seems 5000 years ago people began to strap the skis to their feet. Even, now the scientist believes that the Norwegians were the first to go for hunting in the snow covered terrain. This invention is then spread throughout the Scandinavia and later in Russia as an easier way of winter transportation.  But it took many years, for the cross-county skiing to evolve as a sport. Later, the cross-county skiing has evolved into alpine skiing. The first official alpine skiing race was arranged in the primitive downhill track in the 1850s in Norway. A few decades later, the skiing sports widely spread into the lands of Europe and the United States in the people carried on the skiing contest to entertain themselves during the freezing winter.

In fact, many decades ago, the Alpine skiing also known as the downhill skiing. The Alpine skiing is predominately practiced in the European Alps.  The downhill skiing is normally too comfortable and there are good  lodging accommodations too in the Alps that remained open during the winter. The winter season of the alps is nothing but a pack of the cold-weather adventurers who came to the Alps to test their newly acquired skills on the snow. However, the Alpine skiing population started with the hundred and now it is ever growing number of forty million. The Skiers from all corners of the globe have their first hint of a good snowfall.

The Alpine Skiing as an Olympic Sport:
Even though, the primitive version of the alpine skiing was invented by the Norwegians, the modern version was invented by the Austrian Hannes Schneider and the Englishman Sir Arnold Lunn. They also organized the first  race in 1922 in Muerren, Switzerland.  A few years later,  they teamed up with Schneider to organize the race that would become the first alpine Olympic event. A combined downhill event is now referred to as the first legitimate alpine event in the history.

The Alpine Skiing in Paralympics:
The Paralympics Winter Games was first started in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden at 1796. The Downhill skiing was then later added in the Innsbruck Paralympics Winter Games( 1984) and eventually Super-G skiing in Lille hammer (1994).

Thus nowadays, every continent including the poles  like Antarctica is a vast home for good skiing mountains. So,  the skiing has become as a sport and an interesting entertainment to all the levels of people.