The Trades From Philippines Are Kidnapped

.tags It is reported that traders from Philippines in the southern Philippines urged Monday government security forces to arrest personalities behind the serial publication of abduction in the restive south as their life remains in danger. The president of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Yu Beng Chua, made the appeal in the wake of new case of kidnapping in this southern city on Saturday night.

Six armed men was kidnapping Yuloyu Lim Yu around 9:00 p.m. in front of a hotel along Governor Gutierrez Avenue in the southern city of Cotabato, he was 56 year old and was the owner of Yuking Guan Hardware.

As we can see from the victim who was forcibly dragged at gunpoint to a waiting getaway vehicle that caught the attention of watchman of hotel.It is said that responding government security forces recovered the kidnappers’ vehicle, a red Toyota corolla with permission plate number PN NXY 153, after it crashed to an electric post shortly from where they took the victim.

Chua said :”We condemn the abduction. It’s unexpected because we have chemical element* of the Philippines Marines deployed in the city”.It is reported that Marines were deployed last year in the city to help local police and military machine in securing civilians and Filipino-Chinese businessmen from organized crime groups, including kidnappers.

It is said by Chua that the business concern community wants lawmen not only to secure the public from criminals but to arrest and incarcerate those behind the kidnapping. Muslim separatist rebels joined government security forces in the search and rescue operation for an elderly Chinese trader.

A spokesman for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Eid Kabalu, said that ground commanders were directed by their central committee to monitor the kidnappers’ movement holding. “Our men were also aimed to use force as well engage with the kidnappers if essential,” Kabalu said, “It is our moral responsibility to help people who are in need, disregarding of confessional or nationality”.

The rebel official said the move was interconnected with government armistice members but the possibility of miss-encounter with Marine troops may happen. “It’s dangerous because it’s too difficult for our men to coordinate movement,” Kabalu said.

As we can see from the news that no one group claimed responsibleness for the latest abduction but authorities blamed members of the dreaded Pentagon gang in previous incidents. A gun culture, a decades-old Muslim insurgency, and weak rule of law have been cited by observers as contributing to frequent kidnappings in the region. Last year, a number of kidnapping cases among local Chinese have transpirated in Cotabato.

On October 8, gunmen seized Conchita Atienza Tan, 73, wife of Lucio Tan (not the Taipan business tycoon), owner of the LCT Hardware. A family driver and security personnel died when they shot it out with the suspects. He was released after her family pays ransom money money to her capturers.

It is reported that in the year of 2001, Pentagon kidnaped Italian priest Guissepe Pierrantoni while he was officiating a Mass in Dimatali town, Zamboanga del Sur. Pierrantoni was released on April 8, 2002, after six months in captivity.