The Sunshine Industry

{flickr|100|campaign} The call center industry is one of today’s most successful industries in the Philippines. It is also recognized as the Sunshine Industry by the Philippine government, particularly because of its massive growth in only less than a decade.

According to many industry experts, the call center industry became successful because of its outsourcing services not only to local companies and businesses, but also to many offshore companies demand professional call center services from Philippine call centers.

The Success of the Call Center Industry of the Philippines
The call center industry of the Philippines is said to have started as plain providers of email response and managing services in the country. Although it always operated as a third-party company or agency, many industry experts didn’t recognized the business as part of the call center industry, not until a number of these third-party companies have introduced a number of new services in the market.

Some of the new services in which many agencies have introduced involve direct customer relation services through phone, including customer care, technical support, education, order taking services, reservation services, financial services, travel services, and many others.

Because of the massive expansion of these services, the demand have also risen in the market, which led to the growth of these types of third-party companies, which are now widely known as call center companies or agencies. One of those companies which was established at this time was Magellan Call Center.

Like many other call centers in the Philippines, Magellan Call Center offers solutions of different businesses and companies in the Philippines, such as their order taking services, reservation services, and many other inbound call center services.

Eventually, the success of these call center companies and agencies, including Magellan Call Center, in offering outsourced services to other industries have contributed to the growth of the call center industry which in turn was recognized not only by the Philippine government, but by many companies outside the country.

Success of Offshore Outsourcing Service
Because of the success of the call center industry in the Philippines, many foreign investors have started their own call center agency or company in the Philippines to take advantage of its success. This established a firm connection between offshore companies and call center companies and agencies in the Philippines, which resulted in the growth of demands for call center services, from as simple as order taking services to business-to-business services, for foreign companies.

This demand led to the growth of the call center industry of the Philippines , which was also the reason why the industry have grown rapidly within only less than a decade, which is commonly rare compared to other industries in the Philippines.

Today, the call center industry of the Philippines is considered as one of the largest industries in the Philippines, contributing to the economic growth of the Philippine economy. It also serves as one of the most successful solutions for the growing unemployment in the Philippines, particularly because of the numerous call center agency and company opening all over the country.For more information visit to our site