The Subsea Processing Gamechanger Report 2008-2017 | Market Research Report


A New Report

The study examines the potential for subsea processing to permanently ‘change the game’ of offshore oil & gas production. The report is aimed at executives and technology managers but assumes the reader has no prior knowledge of the subject. It briefs the reader on the technology currently available and under development, gives specific case studies, presents the results of a survey of leading offshore operators and then, using three different scenarios, develops views on the size of future markets.

This unique study from energy business analysts Douglas-Westwood Limited and oil & gas technology specialists OTM Consulting is now in its 3rd edition.

Installation & Intervention – requirements for installation and maintenance of subsea processing, particularly in great water depths, make particular demands on system design and reliability.

Subsea Boosting – an overview of pressure boosting technology including multiphase pumps, compressors and gas lift. The operational differences between pump types, pump drive mechanisms and current methods for pressure boosting.

Multiphase Flow Measurement – description of current systems and technology available for measuring multiphase flow subsea including wetgas meters, oil in water and multiphase metering systems.

Subsea Separation – readers are given an overview of current separation technologies including gravity-based separators, cyclones, centrifuges and coalescers. The operational differences are examined and downhole separation described.

Power & Control – techniques for control and monitoring are discussed in detail including sensors and actuators, umbilicals and connectors. Power supply is a key factor in subsea processing and system components and technologies are described.

The Market Drivers

The report highlights the growth in demand for offshore oil & gas and the importance of subsea production. The economic, technical and commercial factors that will drive the growth in subsea production are identified, along with the benefits expected to come from the use of subsea processing.

Case Studies

Sixteen case studies illustrate experience to date of subsea processing in real live offshore field situations and examples of planned projects that are due to go ahead over the next five years.

Operator Opinion

Results of a survey of nearly 30 top engineers; views on the benefits of subsea processing, barriers to use, technology shortcomings and enablers, technology readiness, boosting vs. separation.

The World Market

Three market scenarios of ‘low’,’most likely’ and ‘high’. Forecasts for two time periods (2008-2012 and 2013-2017) and for subsea boosting, subsea separation, multiphase metering and wetgas compression. These findings are presented by five different regions.

A Unique Study

The Subsea Processing Gamechanger Report gives executives the opportunity to access infromation on the market that would only normally be available as specialy commissioned research at considerable cost.

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