The Style and Grace of the Harley Davidson Road King


To some, traveling cross country on the seat of a Harley Davidson is the epitome of freedom and spirit. Even for those individuals who are new to bikes and the biker lifestyle, the idea of leaving everything behind, except what fits in your two hard leather saddlebags is as mysterious as it is romantic. For the individuals who feel themselves drawn to long travels down seemingly unexplored roads and through untouched wilderness, a Harley Davidson Road King may be the perfect fit.

There are not many bikes which can compare to the Road King both in style or comfort. This bike truly is designed for exploration and spontaneous living. It combines both convenience and quality with style and grace and allows for both the rider and the passenger to fully enjoy and experience what it is to ride the road.

It includes many of Harley Davidson’s signature features such as a redesigned isolated drive system, 2-1-2 exhaust system and a rubber mounted 1584cc Twin cam 96 engine. It also includes a redesigned frame, front forks, rear shocks, and full length rider and passenger footboards.

However, it is the attention to small details which give this bike its huge impact. The designers at Harley Davidson know the joy of long bike rides, and the freedom to travel just about anywhere on a minute’s notice. This is why they have included convenient and attractive additions to the Road King’s design. Additions such as hard, leather covered saddlebags which have a carrying capacity of 1.85 cubic square feet. They’ve also included a Lexan quick release detachable windshield, a one piece two-up leather textured seat and a 6 gallon fuel tank.

The Harley Davidson Road King can cost quite a bit more than other Harley bikes. However, if you ask any of its riders they will tell you that it is well worth the price and then some. A new bike can cost just under $ 17000.00 for a basic bike without any additional upgrades or customization. Though custom options are available, most bikers who purchase this design feel it needs little to no work or adjustments.