The Story Of Adidas Trainers

.tags Post First World War Germany, found Adolf (Adi) Dassler and his brother Rudolf Dassler in their mothers kitchen repairing shoes. Adolfs passion was to create the perfect athletic shoe that would enhance the athletes performance and at the same time protect them from any injuries.

In 1920, Adolf, only twenty years old, managed to design and make his first athletic shoe and four years later, he and his brother founded a company by the name of Gebruder Dassler OHG. Adolf took his job very seriously and constantly gathered information from doctors, coaches and athletes in order to be able to design the perfect trainer.

In the 1928 Olympics, the Dasslers brothers shoes were worn and that was only the very beginning. In the Olympics of 1936 in Berlin, the world witnessed Jesse Owens winning four golden medals and wearing of course shoes designed by the Dassler brothers.

Unfortunately, in 1948 the Dassler brothers separate and each one goes his own way. Rudolf creates his own company that is now known as Puma and Adolf changes the name of the existing company. He takes the initial of his first and last name, Adi and Das, and launches the companys new name; Adidas. Adidas trainers are officially beginning their glorious journey into the world of sports.

A year later, the three stripes logo was introduced giving Adidas its characteristic look. Few years later, Germany takes the World Cup home after beating Hungary in an impressive match. But the most impressive for Adolf, is that the winning team was wearing Adidas.

For years to come Adidas trainers were to be seen in the Olympic Games, World Cups and other popular sports. In the 1972 Olympics, Adidas was the official provider of the Games in Munich.
Who would have though that a young man making shoes in his mothers kitchen would one day basically create the ultimate athletic shoe and be honored so much. Adolf (Adi) Dassler passed away on September 6th in 1978, leaving his legacy to his wife and son. Adidas trainers have been proudly worn by great athletes all over the world who have left their mark in sport history.