The State of Aguascalientes in Mexico Has Been Kidnapped!


The Tribunal for Administrative Disputes in Aguascalientes, Mexico has been dissolved. Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, 18 June 2007. The Tribunal where citizens could dispute public servant resolutions was dissolved hastily and during nighttime; now that it’s election time no candidate seems to know about it.

Mexico’s democracy is still in its infancy, the temptation of governors to exert dictatorial powers is still too great. If they are not stopped, Mexico’s democracy will not be able to mature.

Censorship is the first thing imposed by these little dictators. Aguascalientes had a Administrative Tribunal where people could fight against government abuses; some crooked politicians that wanted to grant the government contracts to themselves, that desired to do arbitrary expropriations and wanted to make fast money could not do so while the tribunal remained independent.

The tribunal was dissolved on December 2007 and replaced by a tribunal that would depend directly from the governor’s office. The three magistrates were immediately fired. The case was fought on the courts by the magistrates of the tribunal, Maria Teresa Martinez Garcia, Jose Raul Alba Ruiz and the president of the tribunal on the time of their disposition Rodolfo Lopez Calderon. The case of course was stalled and a few months ago resolved in favor of the dissolution of the tribunal, all hopes for a free Aguascalientes seemed lost.

The tribunal was independent from the state; cases were resolved democratically and there were plans to make it free for the people.

Aguascalientes Diputados (Representative or congressperson) remained silent; opposing political parties said nothing and even media only devoted small and imprecise comments. As incredible as this may sound, the people of Aguascalientes remain in the dark and don’t know their tribunal is dead! It is crucial that people find out about this situation.

My name is Mario LopezVital Ortiz, author of “El Camino Florido”, “Never Give Up” and “400 Conejos” among others; I am a common citizen, tired of false promises and crooked politicians, I created a website and plan to make the candidates that are running for office compromise (we have state elections) on restoring the tribunal and make people aware about what happened to their tribunal. The website is

The tribunal is the only thing that can stop a greedy governor, it is the only place where citizens can report and seek help on abuses made by authorities. Electoral times may be the only time where this demand can be proclaimed.

Democracy means “government of the people” but without an institution that can stop corrupt politicians we remain defenseless.