The State Council Will Take The Lead In Forming The National Cable Networks – Cable, Triple Play,

.tags HC TV Network : Recently, the Ministry of Industry and SARFT On Triple play In the community is concerned with several issues A reporter asked, further promoting the rule announced triple play, which made clear to “set up” a “national Cable television Networks “, in order to promote accelerate the development of Market The main, to speed up telecom networks, Radio and TV Network, the Internet upgrade.

According to informed sources, the implementation process in order to avoid the triple play relevant to a “quarrel”, and the formation of “national cable networks” will be led directly to the State Council to carry out Communicate , Internet, Radio and TV Network triple play. “National Cable Television Networks” in the operating process, will also be the direct leadership of the State Council’s subsidiary bodies, in order to facilitate “triple play” policy to proceed smoothly, as far as possible to avoid the waste of national resources.

Convergence as the need to avoid duplication
Experts had previously believed that the current triple play at the technical level has absolutely no obstacles, how to coordinate between the interests of various departments, institutional reform is the most important three are integrated in the implementation process. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications School of Economics and Management Professor Jian-qiu on Sohu IT Said that the three are integrated implementation process, the sector needs a good understanding of national policy to avoid repeating the telecom restructuring process appears before the “duplication” problem. Directly led by the State Council to coordinate the relevant departments, telecom operators, the delicate relationship between radio and television, or avoid the triple play during the various conflicts that may arise.

Broadcasting Network enormous difficulty of cross-integration
It is understood that the integration of radio and television networks have most of the provinces have the scale, as between the provinces Network Cooperation Has been placed in front of an important issue in radio and television. Provincial network is relatively easy integration of the region, due to provincial radio and television system network complex ownership structure, the difficulty of cross-regional integration is very large.

Had previously reported that the state will invest 20 billion national network of established companies, responsible for upgrading the national cable networks, national cable TV network, the progressive realization of unified planning, unified construction, unified operation, unified management.

SARFT New Media Industry Development Institute Peng Yong, general manager of contact up on the Sohu IT Consulting, said that if the news is true, the state 20 billion of funds can not be done on national cable TV network upgrading task. Peng Yong said on Sohu IT, just a province of Hunan provincial radio and television network integration, national development bank, has reached 300-500 million investment scale. Rumors of 20,000,000,000 funds for upgrading radio and television or telecommunications network terms is utterly inadequate.

Triple play in the process of broadcasting, Province of China Cable Network integration and upgrade the existing backbone network for the NGB, the various provincial backbone network access across the country about the formation of eight radio and television networks to interconnect is currently the more realistic option. CAS researchers also well-known communications expert Hou Ziqiang said Sohu IT, education, radio and television network operating system in the triple play is worthwhile to learn from.

NGB become an important carrier of SVA three networks and integration
Technology Division led by the SARFT, the Chinese construction of the next generation of cable broadcasting network (NGB) is a broadcasting system, planning the implementation of triple play an important bearing carrier. Shen, general manager of China’s cable to the Army accepted an interview with Sohu IT, currently China’s Cable Group has been formed, NGB strategy proposed rules, the current development plan has been NGB approval process. NGB-building and overall development will lay the technical foundation wide triple play network, radio and television system will strive to promote the construction of NGB and network transformation.

Previously, access to experimental test for NGB Planning Institute of SARFT NGB also established joint labs with Cisco. NGB Joint Laboratory will be the user experience as the center of business operations for the purpose of exploring Chinese digital cable TV networks to the evolution of strategy and technology NGB line, active NGB business and network-related technology research and testing; actively promote the NGB Demonstration Project The implementation of the promotion of national cable TV network operators launch new services and service quality improvement; NGB technology for the development of systems, business planning, service system and implementation guide provides the technical basis and technical support. Settled into a broadcast bandwidth of gateway

short board

However, CAS researchers on well-known communications expert Hou Ziqiang Sohu IT, said SARFT is currently doing the next generation of broadcast television networks (NGB) is actually a “closed network”, and triple play to do is an “open network.” Doing an open network, broadcasting the short board is the access bandwidth limitations by telecom operators. Hou Ziqiang said on Sohu IT, and telecom operators as bandwidth costs are very high settlement to Gehua, Shanghai Cable, for example, their annual income, half of the needs of broadband access to telecommunications billing.