The Six Best Adware Programs Available


In this article I will explore the six different adware removal programs that have made it all the way through my tests stage and claimed a place on the top 6 list. There are loads of adware removal programs out there and many are a great help to you and your computer, however there are probably double that amount that either don’t work or are rubbish. The programs I will talk about are what I believe to be the six best on the market today.

Number six, at the bottom of the list is a program called Doctor Adware. Now wile doctor adware is great program it is largely over shadowed by the better version Doctor Adware Pro, even though the regular doctor Adware is still receiving updates it still would be beneficial to you to just go for the Pro version. The main difference is that the regular doctor Adware`s user interface is no match for the easy use of its pro version brother, however if you are using the regular program and are find it ok then this difference is somewhat useless.

Number five, in fifth place is Adware Tools. This program is excellent and in the test stage it wiped the testbed computer sparkling clean. However the user interface of the program is a bit rough around the edges, the whole system is built in an extremely easy to use way but it lacks that bit of style that put the other contenders ahead of it. So if your looking for a program that does the job with out the flash interface then this will be great investment.

Number four, the upgraded version to Doctor Adware…Doctor Adware Pro. Like what was stated before in the article Doctor Adware Pro is a very efficient program that has an excellent user interface and the tweaks you can do to with the program make it easy to gain what you want out of it. You can also very easily scan for Adware and schedule scans for you computer. The program does the same job as the original Doctor Adware with the same results juts with a friendlier user interface and seing as the Pro version is the same price as the standard the decision is an easy one- go for Pro.

Number three, Adware Safety. This program falls into place at number three because even though the first scan we ran with the program found no results, after running a database update then scanning the computer again Adware Safety found and deleted the adware that was on the computer. It goes to show that what ever program you are using update checks are essential.

Number two, Adware Patrol. This a a quality product, the program is so simple making It easy to scan and remove adware from you computer with just a few clicks of your mouse. The tech support is also great with a response time of around a few hours.

Number one, Adware Deluxe. The eagerly anticipated first placement goes to Adware Deluxe because despite the rough feel and business like theme to the program it does the job at an extremely high standard that rules the roost in Adware programs. Just as long as I stated before, you have to check regularly for database updates but this program is the best when it comes to Adware protection.