The Secrets of Marketing on ClickBank


The largest retailer as regards digital products on the internet is ClickBank. Counting from ten years back, products worth almost $ 1.5 billion were sold on ClickBank. This means that people are making money there. Yes, the incomes are not restricted to an individual only. Rather, you will find skillful entrepreneurs and businessmen making it big on ClickBank.

You can earn income via ClickBank using two methods. Foremost, you can sell products owned by other people just like affiliates. Or you can sell products created by you. The methods above are closely linked; most especially for professionals.

Imagine that you have created a single e-book, videos or a set of them and are deciding on selling them on ClickBank. If you know the good methods of driving good traffic to the sales page; you will evidently earn some income. You can also find affiliates who will help promote the products too. However, when the products initially appear on ClickBank, they are usually deposited at the bottom of the category they fit into. You can only see them on the final page and I believe most visitors do not visit that page so often.

People making it big on ClickBank are only gaining about eighty five percent through affiliates. You need to offer valuable commissions. 50% should be the lowest while a lot of affiliates would be willing to work for you for 75%.

Often times, extremely successful affiliates that reside on ClickBank launched their individual products and have been very successful at earning money from that. If you can fully launch a product, rest assured that about a hundred thousand visitors will flock to your website. Vendors of big products on ClickBank have pages customized with opt-in forms. They give out e-books, mini-courses and etc.. as bonuses.

As soon as an individual successfully launches a product, he or she will get a huge list that can be reached by emails. Hence, other products can be promoted during affiliation. This can be like to a circumstance of Catch 22. If you want to make it big from being an affiliate, there is a need to gather a huge list. But before you can get such a huge list, you must launch your products massively.

In this case, you can find some super affiliates who can help promote the products. However, the main sales you should make should be generated by you. Even if the launches were just smaller, take time to develop a list. As soon as you have gotten to the five thousand mark, you can start swapping emails with other vendors. If can have other products to promote to these five thousand individuals, no doubt, you will earn good money.

Yet, it is important to gather a list and introduce yourself to the big and skillful affiliates working in the same niche as you. Help them promote theirs first and they would be more in a disposition to promote yours after you must have launched another product.


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