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Ashley wants to know why is it that black YouTubers can’t do numbers like the white channels being that they have millions of subscribers and the black community is very small so what do you think you are doing wrong as a community?

• First, there are only so many black viewers, 15% of the population in the US is African American and 85% is of other ethnicities. The pool of African American viewers is very small in numbers.

• Viewers will predominantly watch who they relate most to in looks and content so if you have natural hair, your will most likely watch natural hair videos. White women and other ethnicities make up most of the population and they will most likely not watch your natural hair videos because it does not relate to them or the content that most appeals to them.

• Operating within a niche inside of a niche will dramatically decrease the audience you appeal to. Let’s play out the potential reach hypothetically, 15% of the US people are black and only half watch YouTube. Of those 8% of black people who watch YouTube, about half are women, that’s about 4%, Out of 4%, 2% watch hair tutorials and from 2%, 1/2% have natural hair so now do you see that it’s not a black thing but a numbers thing. How do you expect to be in a niche with a half a percent viewership to compete with someone who can appeal to 85% of the population? Even of you are not a niche, 15% still doesn’t compete with 85%!

• Om life we see other ethnicities succeeding more because there is 1 black person for every 7 people so in perspective, for every 7 millionaires, there is one black millionaire. No one is keeping anyone down; your outlook on life in the whole scheme of things is what affects your potential. Becoming successful requires you to create your own opportunities and to not make any excuses.

• Try your best to appeal to everyone to yield the most rewards for your efforts or do your best to appeal to a niche of individuals while also realizing the fact that you are promoting yourself to a smaller pool of people who will actually relate to your content.

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