The Sales Motivation Fear Factor


So, if you don’t start selling more you are going to lose your job. As a sales motivation tool, this one simply stinks. You can’t flourish in that kind of sales environment. Prospect will recognize the fear and never see the confidence they need to see in you. Fear is the worst motivating factor in sales so let’s park it on the side of the road where it belongs.

Too many sales managers are hiding under their desks, full of fear and waiting for the next shoe to fall. I know a lot of this is about the economy but I’ll never understand how people can successfully work and live in fear. The fear factor, as it relates to sales motivation, needs to be replaced right now.

Sales motivation is about feeling secure, confident, positive and successful. Don’t allow the economy to take the wind out of your sail. You’ll never succeed in sales or anything else if you attempt to succeed while in fear. Take charge and take control and leave the fear behind… forever.

I’m making this point about this subject because I’m hearing about it from too many salespeople. They spend their days hearing about cut backs, reductions in force, lay offs and performance improvement plans. That’s way too much negative sales motivation and not the way to build a healthy sales environment.

What about promoting the concept that “we are all in this together and no man or woman will be left behind”? Go ahead and read that last sentence again. How do you feel now? Hopefully, you feel more secure, confident and positive. Sales motivation comes from being part of a loyal team. I’ll never understand why this concept is so foreign to so many corporations and sales leaders. Sales motivation only comes from positive reinforcement.

Forget negative sales motivation. Forget the economy. Start doing things that will lead to a better tomorrow. I’m not saying you should stick your head in the sand. I’m saying you need to make progress and get ready for the recovery while making the most out of today. Those that wait until “things get better” are doomed to failure. Get positive right now. You can do this!

Spend some time getting solid sales training. Learn a foreign language. Increase your product and industry knowledge. Get to the gym. Do something to make progress because progress is key to sales motivation and a great way to leave the fear and stress behind.

I only wish you the best!