The Rise of Professional Networks in B2B Lead Generation


The use of the social media networks is now an important ingredient of sales lead generation online. Call centers that started off on shaky grounds in using this Web 2.0 tool, are now using this platform in better ways. They are attaching more focus on interaction and customer service. This is driving home better results and a steady stream of online traffic. Now the BPO companies want to utilize another Web 2.0 tool to facilitate their B2B lead generation campaigns. Generating leads in this sort of projects is difficult because it involves a lot of money and the decision makers are generally working in the upper strata of the organization. They have lesser time, more options and judge your call center services from the moment you contact them. If you are not professional in your dealings, the best telemarketing pitch cannot get you the projects.


That is why call centers are turning to professional networks for help. Professionals across the globe are communicating with each other through websites like LinkedIn and Xing. They are sharing ideas about their profession, their work ethics and often inform each other about possible opportunities. The tone on professional networks is more serious and business-minded. BPO agents creating profile to tap these professionals have to keep this in mind. When they contact business executives for lead generation, they have to keep things restrained. Too many messages or reminders are a strict no-no. You have to nurture the lead carefully, without coming across as laid-back or not enthusiastic enough. It’s a tough line to draw, and Market Intelligenceagents have to be trained properly with stringent dos and don’ts. If they can manage to hit the nail on the head, you will be able to impress your contact by your approach.


Nurturing of leads plays a vital part in B2B lead generation. Call center agents can nurture leads through telemarketing calls or emails. Each of these methods individually doesn’t have much of value. If you are just calling up your contacts, they may not have the time to talk to you. If you are just shooting emails from the outbound call center desk, you never know if they are reading those emails. The ideal way is to strike a balance. You can send in a mail outlining all the call center services and offers. Follow up this email with a phone call to enquire if they have received the email. Keep calling at regular intervals to remind them gently about the email that awaits response.


Professional networks help you in this process. You can contact professionals and send them emails through these networks. You can also leave comments and alerts for them. Because you’re doing this on a restrained, professional way, your customer support agents won’t stand out as being pesky. Your contacts will find out that you are not the one who would handle things in a disorganized way. Little aspects like this go a long way in getting you the telemarketing services project. To bag call center services dealing with professional services, you have to show that in your approach.