The Quality Editor


The publishing industry today has a plethora of self-
publishers. Often times, self-publishers will contract
with a book manufacturer. The book manufacturer will
handle production of the final product.

However, there is a process in between the
completion of the work by the author and production.
A marketing plan will be in the works. Distribution
details will be under negotiation. The news release,
query letters, and flyers will be under production.
More importantly, the work should be edited. In fact,
editing is the number one necessity.

Editing is first and foremost the top priority.
Contrary to popular belief, a proofreader is insufficient.
An editor is the key; focusing not only on spelling
and grammar, but also content. Spelling and grammar
comprise a small piece to the puzzle. The content of
the work is the aspect that makes the work unique, which
includes details such as plot, story flow, and character.

Your editor has a critical eye for those details. Yet,
many authors overlook this particular need; especially
those self-published. It may not be as huge a concern
for those authors solicited by major publishers, who
have editors to work the magic.

In fact, after the changes from an initial editing job
are complete, another editing job should be done to
ensure that the work is ready for publication. I have
had the opportunity to view the work of a self-published
author who had sent is work to a friend for a review
post-publication. The book was already on the market,
but it had several misspellings, run-on sentences, etc.
That is the worst scenario. The author’s name is
tied to that work for life.

On the other hand, perhaps he had an editor who
was unclear regarding the type of editing service
provided. Was the job, in fact, just proofreading?
Did the editor evaluate whether or not the story flowed
and was consistent with the plot and its characters?
Was there a clear time frame and era?

Hire an editor. Avoid the risk of being marked for
life with a mediocre literary piece. Make sure your work
is professionally edited. Shop around for and compare
pricing. Find out the exact type of editing offered.
Make sure your work is top notch like the wine in the
cellar that made top shelf.