The Previous President For South Africa Likes Expose Old Events


In honor of the former south African President contribution to the ethnic equality, the UN announced on July 11th that July 18th of every year was Mandela Day. In recent years, due to old age, Mandela has been keeping indoors and seldom makes his appearance in public. Thus, people have been showing their concern over how he is going.Several Easy Tips for You to Spice Up Luxurious NFL hats

The other day, the journalist of American “New York Times” flew to Johannesburg in person in order to interview the 91-year-old South African idol. Do You Make These 5 Common Beauty Mistakes with cheap glasses sale The South Africa icon is now an old man. His hair is white and his body is weak. When Mandela walks into his study, he needs a cane to hold himself. He took off his shoes and sat on a chair. And then he Lifted his legs and put them on a stool with a soft mat.Delicate New Era Hats are Absolutely Modern for This Year

His wife Graca helped Mandela adjust the position of feet a bit. Mandela’s old friend and lawyer Bezos explained, “so they’ re symmetrical.” Then Gra├ža gave Mandela a kiss. Now his 64-year-old wife Gerasa is in charge of taking care of him. Bezos said: “They look as if they were a pair of young lovers. And they are often hand in hand.”

To Mandela`s left is a small table piled with newspapers in English and Afrikaans, the language of the whites who imprisoned him for 27 years. Family and old comrades sit to his right, where his hearing is said to be better. His memory has weakened, but at most times he still loves to reminisce. As one visitior said Mandela likes bringing out oft-old stories” like polished stones”.

One of his old men said,”He could reminisce things that happened many years ago. But he is now very old and he begins to suffer from short memory disorders.” Maybe Mandela is the most respectable statesman and natural performer in the world. He once declared for many times that he would retire. He announced many times that he would not appear on the public, and he would only present pop concerts and political assembly in his name.

However, the recent of many activities, he did not attend. In addition, the Mandela Foundation has recently expressed in a statement, “Mandela like the same of other 91-year-old older. So, you can imagine a 91-old man’s life condition. As a result, rumors about his worsening condition spread across South Africa.

In Johannesburg, his neighbors often talk about his recent conditions. Harris said he is still healthy but does not feel like talking to strangers. Now Harris is trying to clarify the rumor that Mandela’s illness is deteriorating. “He is always a quiet person and I am always trying to make him laugh. Seeing him burst into laughter, I feel very happy.”

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