The Power of Print Ads


It’s nothing new that businesses often put printed sales literature at the lowest rung of the ladder, right below the tv and radio commercials on their list of marketing priorities. Print brochures, poster printing, and even envelope printing can mostly be found printed after the marketing efforts have been done for the interactive media.

Nevertheless, a business owner must look at the print promotional tools as something that can outweigh even the most common and popular advertising route. Without these print sales literatures, any business would have a hard time convincing their target audience of their business’ worth.

So here goes some of the most important strengths that print ads have when advertising one’s business.

Print ads are targeted.
Your marketing tools go only where you want them to go. Hence, you don’t waste any of your resources when promoting this way. You control where you distribute, to whom you distribute, and when you distribute. You can therefore be very specific when it comes to the message you write in your marketing collateral.

Print ads provide long term value.
This is especially true for advertising. While your tv or radio ad can only be seen or heard in seconds (the longest can be in three minutes), the printed material such as your letter and custom envelopes can continue to promote for many years after they’ve been delivered to your recipients. As long as your target customers see your printed ad and read your message, you will always have a marketing tool that works even after you’ve launched it.

Print ads create long lasting impact.
Consider the endless options you have to design and be creative with your template. You can definitely stir the senses of your target audience with innovative ideas to help you grab and keep their attention so that your message will be remembered for a long time.

Print ads build goodwill.
Your print collaterals create goodwill simply because they show the time and effort you’ve given to make your marketing tools deserve their attention. And this is reflected every time your target audience receives a brochure or custom envelopes containing your personal letter in their hands. This would eventually lead to your recipients reciprocating the gesture with a good one. You get them convinced that you are worthy of their time and money that it would be easier for them to take your offer.

Goodwill results to repeat purchases, loyalty and referrals, which would all mean an increase in your revenue and profit.