The Pitmen Painters Tickets – A True Inspirational Story On Broadway

.tags The Pitmen Painters tickets are on sale now for the well received Broadway play. The playwright Lee Hall of Billy Elliot fame is hoping to duplicate his previous International success. Though the latest work may not receive the same monstrous results it is quickly gaining attention, already a leading contender for a Tony Award for Best New Play. The play is based strongly on the book by William Feaver, which tells the true story of a group of coal miners who became known as the Ashington Group. The production has transferred to Broadway with its original cast after a sold out UK run.

The story is one in which Oscar Award winning films are built around. The stage is set in 1934 Northumberland, England where a group of blue-collar workers become interested in the arts. Robert Lyon’s, a painting instructor in Newcastle, starts up an art appreciation class for the group of men. At first the class is meant just to introduce popular artworks for discussion and debate. The plan quickly changes when Lyon’s decides actually to teach them how to paint their own works. Lo and behold the group of miner’s surprises everyone by truly being pretty good painters. The group soon reaches almost celebrity status after successful exhibits of their paintings. The group’s reputation in art circles is one that still lives on today, long after the mines have closed down.

So will Hall’s latest work reach the magnitude of Billy Elliot? Not very likely but it will attract many through the gates for The Pitmen Painters tickets. While the play is very inspirational much like Hall’s previous work on Billy Elliot it is a lot slower in pace. It becomes difficult for the audience to connect with the painters at times. It never quite builds up for great dramatic tension or surprise. Still the play is a true original with excellent acting and posses some interesting questions for the viewer along the way.

The Pitmen Painters tickets enjoyed a sold out run at the Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne in 2007. The show then transferred to the Royal National Theatre. It eventually returned for a limited engagement at the Royal Nation Theatre which led to a UK tour of the play. Hall’s latest playwright work landed on Broadway with its official opening on September 30, 2010. The play is set for a limited run which has its final performance scheduled for December 12, 2010. The production features superb acting of its original U.K. cast, which is under Max Roberts’ wonderful direction. The story overall is an exploration into the transformation through finding ones potential and passion. The Pitmen Painters tickets will deliver an absorbing and thought provoking show to the audience with some laughs along the way. It is a great addition to the growing list of new shows on Broadway this fall. The play is well worth checking out and now is playing at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. The author writes news and reviews for all music events with advice for Finding The Pitmen Painters Tickets Online. The articles he provides include all news on the concert event with tips for fans about finding a great The Pitmen Painters tickets.