The Phenomenon That Is Susan Boyle


In a world full of cynicism and self indulgence, there are still thankfully, normal people with normal lives who do not bow to the ideology of what is expected in terms of appearance or demeanour. Such people sometimes possess an extraordinary gift that lies hidden for a lifetime and only emerges courtesy of media reality shows such as Britain’s got Talent. Such a person is Susan Boyle whose audition aired in last Saturday’s show. Firstly, cynicism lies not in the domain of the wealthy or privileged, it is a curse of modern society that blights all individuals in this modern media driven age. When Susan emerged from behind the curtains, in those first steps and seconds, she was categorised, labelled and written off as just another sorry act set up for ridicule and abuse.

The sniggers and sideways smirks of the judging panel were mirrored by the studio audience and she had not even opened her mouth. Simon Powell’s snigger at her age appeared to embarrass Susan and further sniggers were evident when asked what she was about to sing. As everyone now knows when she opened her mouth to sing, she has the voice of an angel. In an instant the cynicism was gone to be replaced with wonder that such a voice had been hidden within this ordinary, unassuming individual.

In excess of 3 million You Tube hits and over 25000 comments bear witness to the affect that this lady has had on people all over the world. She should win this competition as she is in inspiration to all people that nurture a dream that sometimes with the right breaks they can come true. She typifies the ordinary woman in the street who go about their normal life, in a normal way with normal expectations. What a shame that we had to wait until she was 48 years old to hear that wonderful voice, I am sure that we will all hear a lot more of Susan Boyle.