The Pazzles Inspiration Cutter – Why it is a Great Scrapbooking Die Cutting Machine!


The Pazzles Inspiration Die Cutting Machine get nothing but rave reviews, so why aren’t we all using it?

I am going to put it down to the lack of marketing, that has not seen the Pazzles cutting machine, become the success it could be. The Pazzles die cutter does a wonderful job and has been compared by many as being far superior to the ubiquitous Cricut Machine. I guess the makers of Pazzles though just aren’t doing enough to promote their own product ..or could it be perhaps because the Pazzles machine is rumoured to be made by the same creaters of the Cricut brand of die cutting machines, however the Cricut is more of a money winner as it has so many add on parts and cartridges available to buy, compared to the Pazzles Inspiration Cutter, which is simply a once of purchase with little ongoing costs. We can only speculate!

However, don’t be deterred from buying a Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Cutter. This great machine can cut, emboss, engrave, pierce and distress various types of materials suitable for your scrapbooking projects… but there is one super benefit… no cartridges required! When you buy a Pazzles Inspiration Cutter you get the software that enables you to create and design your OWN images, from many external sources you’re your scanner and photos, or you can also use any images that you can download from the net or have already on your computer. Fantastic!

As with the Xyron Wishblade, you can use any true type font to create die cuts using the Pazzles Machine. You can make titles, overlays and much more. It has some amazing features like automated image tracing, and to reduce your workload, it also does automated welding.

However the Pazzles machine should not just be limited to scrapbooking. You can use the Pazzles Electronic Inspiration machine to make cards, iron on transfers of your own design, make your own personalized stamps and any other home project you can dream of. It sounds just amazing doesn’t it?

So lets look at Pazzles compared to other die cut machines currently on the market. Buying the Pazzles upfront is certainly a touch more costly than the Xyron Wishblade, but it has the advantage of being able to do die cuts in one pass, as opposed to the Wishblade that often requires multiple passes. The Pazzles machine also lets you join your own fonts together, rather than having to use a separate software program to create this same affect when utilizing the Wishblade. The biggest advantage the Pazzles has over Cricut range of die cutting machines, is that it needs NO cartridges!!

Okay I would have to admit that sometimes cartridges are great, as you can get licensed images already designed in great shapes and fonts, that would otherwise be difficult to find for free on the internet.

But really, I am starting to wonder why so many people love the Cricut now that the Pazzles does so much more? To be honest there is one small disadvantage in owning a Pazzles machine: just like the Wishblade die cutter, it does rely on being attached to a computer, so it isn’t as portable as the Cricut range of die cutting machines. If only they would let you keep your favourite designs stored inside the Pazzles, then it would be portable and truely competitive with the Cricut! But honestly, it is seriously worth a look at this wonder die cutting machine.