The One Subject Internet Marketing ‘Gurus’ Avoid Like the Plague


Due Diligence is one subject that the vast majority of Internet Marketing ‘gurus’ avoid like the plague.

Because if they were 100% straight-up with you from the get-go and told you in no uncertain detail exactly just how hard, time-consuming and resource-consuming owning and operating your own truly successful ebiz really is they might loose the sale.

They somehow got it figured that you’ll end up opting out and they’ll end up losing the almighty buck they stood to make on your complete and utter ignorance. The faster and easier they promise you tons of money and leads; the far more cynical I become.

I was bought up on hard work build your wealth slowly it is not what you make, but what you do with what you make. Get rich quick it most always a scheme.

Good, solid long-lasting businesses actually do require a great deal of time, effort and giving of yourself. You need a solid support system surrounded by like minded people who never quit. these are the very the types of associations that really can make you fabulously wealthy… seemingly overnight.

As a matter of fact, if it is anything short of a methodically built-up System- over a reasonable period of time [6 months to a year]…then I can all but guarantee you that you are setting yourself up for some serious grief.

Sure…the rare exception to the rule- such as that deftly-crafted and patiently-researched Joint Venture Proposal you hit BIG with in just a few short weeks or even days…because you done paid your Due Diligence!

Every one wants to be happy and comfortable with a minimal amount of work, but few find hard work and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. In all labor there is profit.

An entirely different approach: Tell your people the *whole* truth- and nothing but.

Don’t sell them pipe dreams, fluff and just plain crap; in the hope of making a sale. In fact, don’t sell them anything. Give ‘Till It Hurts [for being such a blatantly promiscuous sneezer…it happens to be one of Robert G. Allen’s truly superb Principles].

And when you actually do attempt to ‘sell’ your reader something:

Do it in a way that they are both absolutely eager and confident in your recommending them such a kick@$ $ deal, offer, etc. Treat your Reader [most literally] as if they were your best friend, and develop a relationship accordingly. And this is just one of many ways Due Diligence comes into play.

One very sad mistake made over and over again -particular to Internet Marketing proselytes and neophytes- is promotion of a cookie-cutter biz op that they are absolutely not the delighted end user of.

If you’re just starting out [or strongly considering doing so] – Do not fall into this fatal trap….

In other words, before you go wishing failure, stress and duress upon yourself get some business snap (wisdom). Off line business owners in touch with the real world success know overnight success comes after many long nights of hard work.

Compliments of the infamous School of Hard Knocks: