The O Made By Cloud 9 Hair

{flickr|100|campaign} The cloud nine brand has been presented for a year right now with the creation of the amazing hair straighteners that have taken the market by surprise. The group behind Cloud 9 originally launched the very profitable GHD brand name. Now, they’ve developed a new product for hair stylists and customers to be able to use at your house and this is known as TheO.

TheO is very innovative and something that hasn’t been observed in the hairdressing community before. If you consider The O basically it is a heated rollers. It’s been done before you might say, nevertheless not like this product, it’s many fascinating variances to the classic rollers we’ve seen in the market previously. The visionary Velcro system the Cloud 9 The O system makes use of does not pull or catch the hair neither does it pull at your hair. These will go into the hair effortlessly and glide through the hair along with just exactly the same simple action.

The big point concerning the O is the heating process used to heat the rollers, they’re dropped into a innovative looking pod plus in 3 seconds with the sound of a beep they are ready to enter in the hair. The new heat introduction technologies designed by Cloud Nine enables this to occur and it has to be viewed to be understood. After they come from the Pod the rollers are 130 degrees, they also heat from the core in an outward motion to prevent these from burning either fingers or the locks.

One can find little dots that turn orange in colour should they be at full temperature and so they shouldn’t be taken off the head of hair until they turn gray, making the complete procedure very straightforward. Although this is a fairly niche system, it will deliver a number of extraordinary rewards to those who are looking to have curly as well as waving hairstyles. Big hair is quite popular at the moment, you just has to look in the fashion magazines to find out these certain hairstyles. Along with the TheO roller system, you can even obtain various curl sizes of the heated rollers. This will likely offer more versatility in terms of the volume, bounce, body and sizes of the curls you will be able to obtain with this product by Cloud 9.

Inquisitive regarding the results that anyone may create using this hair tool? Definitely, you will end up with the most fantastic hair body along with volume in the head of hair which gives essentially the most amazing alluring looks as well as the main part is that that is all carried out the same time it would likely take to straighten the hair. If you want a easy way of getting huge hair and also waves, then TheO by Cloud Nine will certainly be the appropiate product for you to use.