The Museum of Islamic Art – Inspired by Faith


One of the fastest growing cities in the Middle East, Doha is truly an oasis in the heart of the desert, which has managed to establish itself as a recognized tourist destination in the region. While many who have not yet travelled to these parts may be mislead by the impression that the Middle East offers very little to interest the modern traveller, seasoned travellers would surely beg to differ, as Doha, the glittering jewel of Qatar, boasts a number of places worth visiting. Home to a number of fascinating attractions ranging from Doha Fort and the Heritage Museum to the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha also offers a myriad of shopping options.  

The Museum of Islamic Art located in Doha is one of the city’s most frequented tourist destinations which specialize in showcasing a unique display of exhibits which are of importance to Muslims. The museum was officially opened in 2008 and is popular among local and foreign visitors alike, as some of the items found in the museum are of very great historic significance. The building that houses the impressive selection of exhibits is quite an eye-catching sight in Doha itself, having been designed by Leoh Min Pei.

The main contributor to the impressive array of artefacts in the museum is Qatar’s Royal Family. This impressive collection of rare and sometimes priceless items is of great historic and religious significance. The metal, wooden, ceramic and glass-themed exhibits which can be found in the museum belong to the Qatar National Collection of Islamic Art. It also features items that are made of silk and ivory all of which are hundreds of years old. Visitors should not pass up the opportunity to examine the Ancient Quran, The Book of Secrets and ancient Christian calligraphy while exploring the museum.  

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