The Most Powerful Advertising In The World


Your customers have more power than you may imagine. What they are saying about your products and services is going to seriously impact your business. Think about it. How many times have you been persuaded to buy one product over another simply because one of your friends, colleagues or family members has told you positive or negative things about one of your options? Almost all humans respect the opinion of someone they know versus any advertising they may see.

For instance, recently my brother-in-law has been trying to convince his wife, my sister, that they need to get an iPhone or, at the very least, an iPod Touch. I have an iPhone and have shown my brother-in-law several features and apps that he thoroughly enjoys. In an effort to further his plight he brought up the wonders of the iPhone in a conversation that the three of us were having. He made every effort to engage me in his fight for the iPhone. He knew that if I sung the praises of the iPhone that my sister would recognize it as a more than credible opinion and would be persuaded to purchase one for my brother-in-law. He did not, however, take her to the Apple website to show her the features because he knew that she wouldn’t be swayed by a one-sided advertisement or website.

Instead of giving my sister a look at the iPhone through rose colored glasses, I showed her the features and apps on the phone that would interest her and her husband, explained other options to get the same features on another device, and I also explained the negative aspects of any device that they were considering. My sister knows that, rather than having a sales pitch from me about how wonderful the phone is, I will give her the quick and dirty details, both positive and negative about what I know. She frequently consults me before making a purchase or when beginning her preliminary search for a product or service because she trusts my opinion as an objective observer over the opinion of a paid advertiser or salesperson.

When advocates of a brand, product or service discuss the topic with someone who is unfamiliar or unconvinced of its necessity they are not always objective. This is actually the goal for all brands. Your advocates should be so engrossed in your brand that they may discuss some of the other party’s concerns but they will always first and foremost promote the brand. For a prospective customer, there is great reassurance when they talk to someone about the brand who has no financial or other obligations to the brand and that advocate is excited about it. They realize that there must be something special about the brand for an objective observer to have such a high opinion of it as opposed to the opinion that they have of any competitors.

Always remember what a powerful resource your customers can be through word of mouth advertising. Encourage your customers to discuss your brand, product and/or services with their friends, family and colleagues. Encourage them to connect with you on Facebook. Be creative and try anything that you think might work to help them spread the word. Share your success stories and strategies to get your word of mouth advertising out with us in the comments below!