The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Brazil

.tags Brazil is a colorful country full of appealing tourist attractions and has plenty to provide to all its visitors. There are stunning beaches, exciting tourist sights, top quality Brazil hotels, along with the most important- fascinating festivals. No matter if you go to the country during the festival periods or no, there are a lot of things to do and places to go to. Here is a list of the most fascinating things that you can visit, while you’re on a holiday in Brazil:

1.Christ the Redeemer Statue- This incredible piece of art rise over the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is located on the Corcovado Peak where some astounding views of the city and bay are revealing from. The statue was completed in 1931 and this is largest of its kind on the earth.

2.Iguassu Falls This attraction is quite well-known for visitors not just from Latin America but also Europe as well. It is located in the Iguassu National Park. They have engaging placement between Argentina and Brazil. Dont forget your camera. Views which you can see might be unforgettable for you. In the nearby located towns you’ll find good accommodation opportunities in some wonderful hotels in Brazil.

3.Copacabana beach- This stunning beach is located in Rio de Janeiro and this is a place where you’ll see people enjoying the sun and the lovely blue water. This beach, around two miles long, is the nightlife capital of South America, and Brazil’s hottest spot. This is the ideal area to book a hotel in Brazi and have probably the most enjoyable vacation ever.

4.Amazon Rainforest- It is known also as the Amazon Jungle. This is the largest and biggest rainforest in the world and makes about half of the planets rainforest space. Amazon Rainforest is a wonderful place for adventure seekers. Here you may enjoy pure nature and a great biodiversity. The wildlife is abundant in animal and bird species and it is a perfect place for bird watching.

5.The Brazilian Carnival in Rio- It is an annual festival that takes place 4 days before Ash Wednesday, which is described as the beginning of the 40 days fast, called lent. During the days of fasting, some Roman Catholics and Christians don’t consume meat. The reason of the carnival is to bid farewell to some pleasures of the flesh and it is dedicated to Christs death.

6.Fernando de Noronha- This tropical island is located forty five kilometers from the shore of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. It is the largest in the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, which consists of 21 islands. It’s the only island that is occupied and holds one of the most gorgeous beaches on the planet.