The Most Important Events You Can Attend In Wellington

.tags Wellington is a famous destination in New Zealand, where there always seems to be something happening. Important events are hosted here, such as matches, festivals, concerts and exhibitions. Here are some of the most important attractions in Wellington.

The history of Wellington can be learnt at a local museum, which is situated on the Queens Wharf. Entrance is free, and the museum is known to be one of the locations where many important events take place each year, especially during the month of May.

The Botanic Gardens are another amazing place to be in Wellington. A special event is organized during the last Friday of the month of May, and is called the Glow in the Dark Worm Tour. In order to see the worms glowing in the dark, you will need to have a torch and light it so you can see around. This is not the only occasion when you can see the glowing species of worms, as sometimes, during summer, such tours are also organized.

If you wish to take another interesting tour in the botanic gardens of Wellington, you can also try the Braille Trail, when you will have to use your senses to get used to the environment and experience its beauty. The event is dedicated to Louis Braille.

The city center is where you can attend some interesting events. You can take all your family and enjoy the family festival that takes place here. The local artisans offer souvenirs, and food and fun are readily available. This festival takes place in June and is dedicated to children and adults alike.

Another important festival in Wellington is the Creative Dance Festival. This takes place in May, and participants are all creative dancers that want to show off their skills. The building housing the event is the Massey University Auditorium.

Cultural events are not the only events taking place in this city. If you have a passion for cars, do not miss the National Hot Rod Show taking place each year in April. The event is housed by the TSB Bank Arena and you have to pay an entrance fee in order to participate. This is another show that you can attend with your family. You can take your kids to see the hot rods or, if you are an experienced driver, you may be even able to drive one.

In April, also you will be able to attend the Cuban Carousel Celebration. This one is hosted by the Opera House. The Cuban influences are celebrated through music, dances and collective singing. It is also the perfect occasion to learn more about the history of this country and Wellington.

Maybe the most important event in Wellington is the Pick of the Fringe, which is a sporting event organized each year in April and May, on the Westpac Stadium. There are plenty of matches that you can attend as rugby is very much loved in New Zealand.