The Modern Lcd Poster For The Best In Marketing Solutions

{flickr|100|campaign} A digital poster assists a business to engage with their users without any hard sell, this is what puts users off going to hair salons and beauty salons, as staff members has previously tried to sell products they have used on the customer during their treatment.

How many times have you been in the hair salon and when you go to the pay desk the hairdresser tries to sell the shampoo, conditioning, hair spray or even straightening wax, did this put you off going back, knowing there could be a possible hard sell? Well many people will have experienced a similar dilemma, but not any more.

Using a digital poster just in front of the buyer near the mirror the customer can see how their haircut is going whilst being amused watching the digital poster. Now hair salons are asking their dealers for digital content, so that they can publicize the merchandise in a very understated way.

Here the adverts or advertising is saved on a storage device that when inserted into the poster the ads are offered, using audio, pictures and video in the pesentation.

A good basic illustration the digital poster could have a road condition feed, showing if the weather would turn to rain or snow, and then highlight the cost effective price of the replacement tires for a vehicle in the car dealership.

The same can be realized at a beauty spa salon, a good example would be whilst someone is having their gel nails redesigned, the digital poster can present ads for when the design or nails gets chipped, providing tips on repairing them but also endorsing in-store products, this type of advertising is very productive and would ensure that your clients are informed as well as entertained when they have a treatment, is this something your competitors are doing?

Now far away from the bright lights and glamour of beauty and hair salons, electronic posters are being used in quick serve restaurants in the British Isles, one chain in particular are installing 36 digital posters that showcase the menu and beverages they offer to users, so that they can make an knowledgeable choice before they get to the counter.

This fish and chip shop chain have identified that by marketing the fish of the day they sell an extra 14% raising profits drastically as these fish are plentiful and therefore cost less to buy from the wholesale fish market. By managing the menu in a digital format enables the franchise owners to customise their menu to some degree. For instance if a pie supplier offers them a range of steak and onion pies due to an over make they can add the details in the morning as they take delivery and at lunch time be selling them to the hungry users.

In the USA the quick serve restaurant marketplace is seeing a massive change, as all the menus have to include weight loss data about each item – any outlet who does not comply will be fined. The most cost effective way to comply with this regulation is to use LCD advertising screens, these are the same as a digital poster and will certainly be more cost effective than printed menus that once published cannot be edited.