The Miami Three Big Sick Days


Miami Heat owner Mickey – Allison on Jan. 18 took part in the team training, but he sadly found out that no one of the three big appeared on the training court, who cost him 0.3 billion US Dollars last summer for their contract. Due to the different degree of injuries, the Miami’s Three Big for the first time were absent from the general training. And people found it was not a good sign this team which had met three straight defeats.

LeBron James (LeBron James Shoes) and Chris Bosh were caught in the injuries in the ankles; meanwhile Dwyane Wade got his knee wounded by struck against the staff from the Bulls. He then felt uncomfortable and ache in his knee.

The coach of the Miami Heat Erik – Spohr Stella hold good expectation at Wade that he just concluded that Wade’s injury would not influence the game, and Wade will present the Home Game against the Hawks tomorrow according to the schedule. As for LeBron James (LeBron James Shoes) and Chris Bosh, the coach said that they might not join in the next game for a while because of the injuries. It seemed that both of James and Bosh hurted themselves badly because they even did not tie the shoelaces at the left foot today.

It is lucky that the Heat is going to have only two games in the following 11 days, that is the three big would have more time to rest and overcome the injuries.

“I am getting better now, and I took much treatment on the injuries.” LeBron James said, “if such injuries occurred in the playoffs, I’m sure to play game, but we now have to make the team the next best thing. If I feel the state is running out, the team doctor who also think no problem, then I will play games. “