The Mediterranean Sun – Malaga Spain


The main thing that makes Malaga a very good spot for tourists is the Costa del sol located near it. Founded by Phoenicians and of great importance as far as Moorish epoch is concerned, it is a place that has more to it apart from the sun and the beautiful seaside. It has picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes and spending some time here is definitely worth the time and resources.

Major Attractions


The most interesting and popular happens to be the Alcazaba dating back to the 11th century and which used to be a palace for the king. There is actually an archeological museum situated in it and which adds to the attraction of the palace for many people. You will also get the chance to see remains of an interesting Roman theater and also relax or take a walk through the beautiful gardens found here.


Malaga has an interesting cathedral whose construction was ordered by Catholic kings after it was conquered from Moors. It was actually built over a mosque and got finished decades after the start of the construction in 1528. The elements that are a must see in this cathedrals include the choir stalls and the chapels Capilla Sagrado and Capilla Mayor.


Malaga is also home to several churches which are a must see while here. They include the gothic Del Sagrario whose interest is built on the sculptures and reliefs. It was erected back in 1488. The other church that is worth checking out is the Santurio Vurgen la Victoria that has Mudejar and Andulusian styles. You can also check out the tombs found here as well as the crypt which remains to be a major attraction.


One of the most beautiful and popular is the Picasso museum that has a variety of collections including the works of the famous artist. There is also arts museum exhibiting the great works of various Spanish painters. Some of the paintings date back in time while others are more recent only dating to the 19th century.

The other museums that are worth checking out include the Diocesal museum consisting mainly of religious pieces of art including the famous works of Pietro Vannuci and Nino Guevara. The art and customs museum is also very interesting and is worth taking a look at.

These are some of the places you can never afford to miss out on while in Malaga.