The Many Choices of Software Programs


Whether you are a teacher, a scientist, or a secretary, there are software programs available that will make your life easier.

Another name for software programs is applications. They are what makes your computer do the things you need for it to do. If you want to write a letter, you would need a type of word processing software. If you need to create a database, there is software for that, as well.

Other applications have been created for architects to build houses and other buildings. They can be very elaborate, or simple, depending on what your needs are. They can go into such detail that you will probably never get to use the entire program. Even landscape architecture has applications that are so extensive that the average landscaper will only need to use a fraction of the entire CD on which it is provided.

Different types of artists need different software applications to help them create their masterpieces. Graphic artists have their own special programs that help them draw and create artwork that may otherwise be impossible. Film makers have their own software to create films, special effects, stop action motion, and so on.

And photographers have their own collection of various, wonderful applications, from extremely simple to very advanced. With their programs they are able to enhance photographs, crop them, and even make them into something else using filters and effects.

The software at which working people need to be proficient these days are many. If you are an administrative assistant, you may be asked to do the work of a secretary, which may entail word processing, creating data bases, spreadsheets, and presentations. You may also be asked to do a little bookkeeping, for which you will need to know an accounting software package. If you are asked to create a flyer, you may need a page making software that puts words over pictures and photographs. And if you are to create a profile of your boss, you will need to crop and enhance his photo.

There are applications to teach one how to drive, or how to fly a plane. There is software that allows you to run videos on your computer. And the printer, fax machine, or digital camera that you will use with your computer each came with their own software.

One of the most popular and ever changing software these days is the application that connects you to the Internet. In certain cell phones, they call them apps. There is an app to do this and that right on your phone now, and it is difficult to keep up with all the new technology that comes into our lives on almost a daily basis. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that all this technology is in its infancy. We only learned to use a mouse in about 1995 with the new Windows that took over DOS applications. And was it not yesterday that secretaries were using typewriters? Tomorrow there will be software programs that we cannot even think about today.