The Many Amazing Building Of Sydney Australia

.tags There are quite a few incredible buildings in Sydney Australia and if you are a fan of unique architectural design then you’ll certainly enjoy the various towering structures of Sydney. Some have their value from their height and design while others very simply hold historical significance to those in this region of the world. As you walk the streets of Sydney you will be able to view these amazing structures and appreciate the time, attention, and intricate thought process that went into creating each one of these attractive buildings.

Erected in 1981, The Sydney Tower is the tallest building in Sydney . At a towering 309 meters or 1,014 feet this is not only the tallest building in this amazing city but is also one of the biggest and most frequented tourist attractions. The Sydney Tower Walk is one of the greatest ways to see a 360 degree view of the whole city. Overlooking the city is amazing and this trip also includes the OzTrek 3D experience and numerous other features that include dining in the lovely Sydney Tower Restaurant for lunch or dinner if you so choose. It’s one of the most outstanding buildings in Sydney .

Much smaller in stature to the Sydney Tower is the Australia Square Building but this office building is an incredible sight to see especially when you consider the style and design work that went into constructing this building back in 1967. It was definitely a building that was well ahead of its time. This building stands at only 171 meters or 561 feet but was the tallest building in Sydney from the time it was constructed in 1967 up until 1976. It is quite an amazing structure to see and is located on George Street if you want to get a closer look.

The tallest residential building in Sydney is also one of the newer structures in the city. Constructed in 2004, the World Tower is 230 meters or 755 feet of wonder. This building is very modern and stands as the second tallest building in Sydney . Its unique design leaves one to wonder what the architects were trying for with an asymmetry that you will either love or hate.

Sydney is filled with incredible structures that show architectural influences from many different cultures. If you are someone who is into architecture, art, and history then Sydney is definitely a place that you will want to visit and explore.