The Making Of A Victorian-Inspired Home



The clothes worn on the runways play a huge influence on lifestyle fashion. What we wear reflects how we want to decorate our homes. This explains why some of today’s well-renowned designers like Ralph Lauren and Missoni decided to cross from runways to showrooms. If you have a good eye in choosing the right clothes, you’ll have a good eye ate decorating your home at the same time.

Victorian-inspired homes trace back to the 1980’s and early 90’s. During this time, men and women from all across the world looked up the Royalties. The Queen’s wardrobe did not only inspire clothes designers to make unique creations. It also gave brilliant ideas to artists and interior designers on how to decorate the home and thus, Victorian homes were born.

Because the inspiration came from the Royalties, many have believe that Victorian-inspired homes make use of ornate, rich, and expensive fashion homewares. But in the modern day, design experts believe that while it needs to be ornate and rich, the fixtures in a Victorian home does not always need to be very expensive. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Linens. Linens are the most important elements in a Victrorian home. You can use any type of linen available. It can have laces, ribbons, embroideries, etc. To save money, consider buying linens at thrift stores or yard sales. You can also pick a few inexpensive ones at discount stores. Use linens to accentuate curtains, pillows, tablecloths, and chairs.

Jewel tones. To achieve the 80’s Victorian appeal, paint the walls with deep jewel tones. Consider shades like sapphire, emerald green, and ruby. These tones will add richness to your décor and serve as vivid backdrop for your linens at the same time.

Wicker. Using heavily-carved wickers can be really expensive so pick ones that are priced for less. When the wickers are painted white, they are sure to give your home a pop of elegance. Accentuate the wicker by using lacy pillows.

Ornate frames. No, they’re not just for old family pictures. Ornate frames can also be used to display postcards, greeting cards, and even pressed flowers. Put the frames on table tops or on your walls.

Rose china. If you want to add a romantic touch to your home, display mismatched chine or hand-painted plates. These lifestyle homewares may be purchased from thrift stores at relatively low prices.

Keep these tips in mind and make a beautiful Victorian home.

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