The Lord Triumphant


Are you ready to meet the Lord today? You may be thinking, I will be in heaven someday, but what if it was today? Have you not seen Him in all His works on earth? His day, the day of His coming will be the day of triumph over all evil. What will you do when the Lord comes? Will you be thinking about how much money you have or are leaving? Will you be thinking about the position you didn’t get? Will you be inclined to believe that you are blessed? Whatever you think, you must be ready in thought and deed to the Lord. He is why you are saved and He expects you to come to Him in all matters, in life and at the beginning of your death.


When the Lord comes it will be a triumphant day. All Heaven and earth will be looked upon and the glory of God will be shown as we listen to His words of command from the clouds. But are we listening? Are we thinking about the things of this world and not really listening? Take Joshua, he was an aid to Moses, the Lord spoke to him and told him what to do. he was faithful and listened. He lived on His love for God and faith. Remember the things of this world will pass.Get your life right with God, when the trumpet blows, you will see Him and then you must be accountable.

It is wonderful to dream dreams, but without obedience you will not be able to see them come true.For faith in God is what we must all have, if we want to be with Him in heaven on judgment day. But also remember, if you die today, are you ready? First seek the Kingdom of God, not this world. OMEN