The Lion King – Fun For All Ages


Audiences first fell in love with The Lion King when it debuted as an animated film over a decade ago. Young fans were mesmerised by the beautiful artwork and memorable songs, making The Lion King one of the most celebrated children’s films of all times. However, in the years since its film release, The Lion King has made an impressive transition to the musical stage, with a theatre production that has wowed audiences of all ages. Though The Lion King has been produced on stages around the world, one of the most popular productions is currently showing in London’s Lyceum Theatre.

The stage production of the Lion King features the same epic storyline as the animated film, including the same classic songs, such as Can You Feel The Love Tonight and Hakuna Matata. The production follows the story of Simba, a lion cub destined to be king of the savanna. However, his peaceful childhood is disrupted by the premature death of his father and a sinister plot to keep Simba from the throne. Over the course of the musical, Simba has to rediscover who he is and just what his destiny is supposed to be.

This coming of age story appeals to children and adults alike, as do the colourful sets and costumes that convert the stage into an arid African savanna. The 40-strong cast is magically transformed through masks, and are accompanied by intricate puppets to tell Simba’s tumultuous journey. The sets draw on art styles from around the world, making the musical not only a tantalising experience for the ears, but a visual feast for the eyes as well. In fact, the unique costumes and sets have won multiple awards, making  the show one of the most renowned stage productions in modern theatre.

Clearly, with all of this appeal, it is not hard to see why the show continues be one of the West End’s most popular productions. Between the accessible story, the catchy songs, and the vivid visual display, it is the perfect evening out for the whole family. Though there are many London shows to choose from, few of them capture the vitality and fun of The Lion King. Fortunately, getting tickets to this family musical is easy through various online venues or from the ticket office on site at the Lyceum Theatre. It is even possible to snag last minute theatre tickets, so it is easy to fit in a trip to the theatre at any time during a London holiday.

Very few attractions can entertain audiences of all ages, but The Lion King might just be the exception to that rule, making it a must to consider for any London excursion.