The Ingredients Of A Detox Foot Pad

{flickr|100|campaign} If you have not familiarized yourself with a detox foot pad then chances are you arent sure of what they are made of as well. In order to understand why a foot pad does, you should know that they are only made from natural ingredients that are able to absorb unwanted toxins from your body. Familiarizing yourself with its various ingredients will give you an idea of how your body can actually become healthy again. You should also know that these ingredients are safe and will ensure that you dont suffer from negative effects in the years to come.

First, know that the main ingredient of these foot pads is the vinegar extract from bamboo and wood. Extracting this ingredient is actually a very long process that is done carefully in order for it to be potent. For the first 6 months after extraction, it is dried up and filters a number of times before it is extracted once again for another 6 months and only then is it added to as an ingredient for these pads. Take note that this wood vinegar does not include chemical agents such as synthetic starch.

Second, these pads also consist of a herbal leaf called loquat leaf extract that has been used for well over 3,000 years by ancient medicinal expects in India. Because of the rich content it has and its capability in absorbing toxins from the body, people have come to call this the king of herbal medicine. Take note that this herb contains Vitamin A, B, and C, malic acid, carotete, tannate, and citric acid.

Third is a natural ingredient known as Tourmaline. This is an important ingredient in foot pads because it consists of different gems that are responsible for keeping the body stable while it gives off a cleaning energy in your nervous system. In addition to this, it is also accompanied by another natural ingredient known as Diatomaceous Earth which is responsible for absorbing toxins and is said to be capable of actually absorbing anything well over 100% of its actual weight.

Lastly, there are additional ingredients that are responsible for eliminating the toxins in our body which is key to the success of these foot pads. These ingredients have been known and well used for many years. Examples of these would be vegetable fiber, dextrin, and citronella.

Now that you are able to determine these natural ingredients found in a detox foot pad, you have a clearer idea of what it can do for you. You should know that its natural ingredients are responsible for keeping you healthy and free of toxins. Knowing these ingredients is definitely a good reason for you to give this method of cleansing a shot.