The Impact Of The Yangtze River Delta Economic Cold Leather Textile Industry


Economy after the cold wave continued strength in the 11 holiday Yangtze River Delta economic impact, bear the brunt of the private economy giants.

 October 8, printing and dyeing industry leading enterprises in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Martial Law Holding Group (hereinafter referred to as: Martial Law Holdings) the verge of collapse, chairman Taoshou Long rumored “flight” (actually monitored). It is said that Martial Law was holding 1.2 billion owed to bank loans, private lending at least 800 million yuan.

 Previously, private entrepreneurs, Wu Jin Chang Cheng Jian, chairman forced to loan sharks fled overseas. Meanwhile, the country’s largest sewing machine manufacturer Zhejiang leap Group had faced closure storm.

 3 percent loss of private enterprises

 Jiangsu province during the first half of this year, a total of 4,119 foreign-funded enterprises in order to cancel and revoke the way, the withdrawal of the Yangtze River Delta market, most of the manufacturing enterprise.

 July, Zhejiang Economic and Trade department of an industrial economy, the report pointed out that the province’s industrial economy is in a tight run state enterprises before loading the line, light and textile industry, especially leather, chemical fiber, clothing, and printing the growth momentum is weak, larger losses. Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission that this “indicates that the current difficulties in production and operation of large enterprises, especially SMEs out widely,” “present many difficulties encountered by enterprises and the pressure is, is this economic growth cycle has been the most prominent The. “

 At present, Zhejiang province scale the main business profit margin is only 4.3%, Jiucheng exporters of RMB appreciation in the 5% tolerance.

 Shanghai, the first three quarters exports grew 22.8%, and in the first half than the growth rate down 2.3 percentage points; Jiangsu Province, the first three quarters of the total import and export growth of 23.9% compared to last year, down 4 percentage points; Zhejiang ago overall steady growth in the third quarter, but the growth rate has come down.

 Yangtze River Delta economic hardship Butterfly

 August 6, the State Council “to further promote the reform and opening up the Yangtze River Delta region and economic and social development of guidance,” requests the Yangtze River Delta economy is: First, speed up industrial restructuring, and strive to create a modern service-based structure. Second, comprehensively promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and strive to build the advanced manufacturing base.

 The original manufacturing industry is facing closure or transfer of economic restructuring faced with social problems, such as the transfer or closure of small and medium enterprises to bring the population and unemployment issues.

 National Development and Reform Commission Du Ying, deputy director, said the face of the coastal economically developed areas as a result of private SMEs in order to reduce operational difficulties, the Government on the one hand promoting enterprise restructuring and technological progress of enterprises, on the other hand, also in these small and medium financial Enterprise support for a new credit policy.

 China Federation of Industry: to improve the competitiveness of private enterprises can not rely on low-cost

 Shen Jianguo, vice chairman of the National Federation of Enterprise Development in China 23 speech at the forum pointed out that private enterprises in China alone has lost cost competitiveness must be the concept of innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, cultural innovation, and effectively improve market competitiveness .

 Shen Jianguo said that 30 years of reform and opening up, the rapid development of private economy has become an important pillar of China’s economic development. According to incomplete statistics, the broad private economy has accounted for 65% of our GDP, the private sector accounted for around 40%. China’s economy 70% to 80% increment from the non-public economy, in employment, private economy has become the most extensive channel, accounting for 75% of employment.

 Shen Jianguo pointed out that private economic development today, also encountered some difficulties. Some enterprises, especially in the manufacturing and processing industries have encountered unprecedented difficulties. These private enterprises more extensive economic growth mode, economic operation quality are low.

 Shen Jianguo stressed that the face of pressures and difficulties, private entrepreneurs must be firmly and consciously practice the scientific concept of development, and unswervingly follow the road of scientific development, focus on four aspects. First, the concept of innovation, the development is of overriding importance can not be simply interpreted as growth is the last word, can not take economic construction as the center, simply to speed at the center, not only the importance of wealth creation and ignore the wealth of contributions. Second, technological innovation, to enhance scientific and technological input, improve product quality. Third, management innovation. Fourth, cultural innovation. Private enterprises do not only the pursuit of material wealth, and even more to do spiritual wealth creators.