The History of Italy’s Most Popular Attractions


When you suspect of the sun swept valleys of Italy, you cannot help but have pictures of the Roman Coliseum are evoked. A monumental achievement of the Italian culture, this structure is an example of the most desired places to see in the country. What makes it so special though? Luckily, there’s an intriguing history behind it that will captivate your attention and help you appreciate their beauty even more. With such a rich and forcing past, it is no wonder there is a sense of reverence in the air across the complete country. This is particularly true of the traditional and mighty Roman Coliseum. Built almost 2000 years back, this is an example of the most soul stirring places to see in Italy. If those numbers surprise you, try wrapping your mind around the 500k approximate people who have died there over the years. (That isn’t even including the one million animals who met the same fatal fate). With Titus, the ruling emperor of Rome at the time of the Coliseum’s construction, he arranged for the building to house an amazing fifty thousand patrons. The Coliseum soon became one of the most well liked places to see in Italy thanks in part to these Gladiator contests. At first they held a type of sacred nature about them. However, this soon changed and the games took more of a raw turn with savagery reigning supreme.

Although the Roman Coliseum was washed in blood for a few years, Gladiator games and executions weren’t the sole things that took place there. Entertaining shows took on a whole new meaning as Roman patrons witnessed mythological stories come to life before their eyes. African, Asian and other continents all offered the best of their animals to amuse these crowds. Witnessing human deaths by these wild beasts were common and the audience relished in them. One thing is for sure, the Coliseum’s history would not be quite so special if it weren’t for the feted Chariot Races which occurred in the arena. These races provided fast paced, edge of your seat entertainment for years and won accreditation as a one of the most entertaining places to see in Italy. To truly be brought to the past, there is nothing like stepping foot in the very place where so much occurred. Built amazingly, this Coliseum has stood the test of time and most likely will be around for many more years to come. Definitely book a trip to one of the most history packed Vacations in Italy. You will not be disappointed.