The Greatest Tourist Attractions In Warsaw

.tags Poland is one European country that truly deserves at least several days to properly visit. The long history of the country is easy to see in the way people still live today, as well as in through the many historical landmarks. Warsaw, which is the capital and also the biggest city, is no doubt a must see. The city was founded not far from Vistula River, the close proximity of which allowed for better development of human settlement in its beginnings.

Warsaw is a great holiday location given that it is a very modern city and offers plenty to atraveler. You will find a wide array of accommodation, many interesting and exciting stores, nightclubs, and great restaurants. Additionally, if you just want to walk around the town there are plenty of parks and gardens where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

One of the most beautiful and interesting parks in Warsaw is the Saxon Garden. The garden was founded in the 17th century, to allow citizens to get close to nature while living within the large and bustling city. This is also the oldest park in Warsaw and signs of the past centuries are still present. Beautiful ponds, old statues, and the landscaping offer a great relaxing view.

If you are traveling with children make sure to take them on a visit to the Warsaw Zoo. Many different species were brought here from various places allowing visitors to have a great time with plenty to entertain their senses. About five hundred different species are found here. The zoo is also among the oldest places in the city founded in the 17th century and known for adding new animals constantly.

The history of Warsaw speaks out for itself throughout its activities with plenty of many wonderful museums you can visit. You should take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the city’s long heritage. The most popular places to visit include the Army Museum and the Museum of Posters. The National Museum also deserves a stop, as well as the Museum of Hunting and Riding. There are more than 60 museums in Warsaw so you really need to find the time to visit at least some of them.

Many of the top tourist locations are reminders of the city during World War II. For instance, in Warsaw you will find Pawiak, a site that houses a former Gestapo prison that is now home to a mausoleum dedicated to martyrs of the Nazi occupation.

Warsaw is also a cultural city which is why many sites serve as proof of the impact that the life and work of famous composer, Fryderyk Chopin had on the area. One interesting event is located next to the Chopin Monument, situated in the Royal Baths Parks during summer. It is an amazing concert thrown by pianists especially for people visiting the parks.

Warsaw offers a lot of things to see and do. Make sure you explore the city on your own to find even more amazing places.