The grandeur of Desert Festivala of Jaisalmer


As the winters dawn in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer, the wait for of great Desert Festival begins as well. In the month of February, three days long festival begins and its craze and grandeur is one to envy. It completely enhances the beauty of empty yellow sands of the great grand “Thar Desert” as it fills the air with joy and festivity celebrations. The music, laughter and charm of desert festival are very much enjoyed by every tourist visiting Jaisalmer. This desert festival has lead to promotion of Jaisalmer tourism greatly. The festival is in fact organized by the Jaisalmer tourism authorities for the entertainment of tourist every year.

The tranquil sands of Jaisalmer glitter in molten gold. The famous celebrated festival of Jaisalmer are Teej, Basant Panchami, Dussera, Desert festival and Holi. The festival is rich, colorful and folk dances and songs make it so. Rajasthani folk culture is on its all time high as rustic local men and women dressed in costumes sing and dance with great joy. Traditional music is played beautifully and tunes touch heart and souls of tourists. Horse and camel sports, traditional cousins, healthy competition, cultural craft stalls and a huge range of colorful desert belongings welcome you on the Jaisalmer festival tour. Due to all these cultural activities the Jaisalmer tourism is improving day by day.

There are different ways in which the visiting tourists are made part of the celebration. For the entertainment of tourists, dances, tug of war and turban tying competitions are held. The most entertaining and awaited is the Mr. Desert competition. It is so as it is judged on the length of moustaches of the participants. Along with these, the people of Jaisalmer entertained tourist by puppet shows and dance in the cultural songs. The people of Jaisalmer are friendly, calm and warmth and they always welcome tourist as their precious guest. One of the reason of improving or development of Jaisalmer tourism is Jaisalmer people’s nature.

Other highlights of the desert festival are presence of snake charmers, acrobats, puppeteers, and folk dancers. The camels, animals that are the part and parcel of life in desert also show up in the festival. The proud villagers participate with their camels in the camel dances. Camels compete in games like race, acrobats, polo and tug of war. The desert festival is three day show of music, festivity and color. Fire dancers and Gair swaying to conventional tunes are the part of frolic and fun.

All the proud villagers are dressed in their traditional dresses and look their best as they come and enjoy the festivities of desert festival of Jaisalmer. Every year lots of people from different countries like to spend their vacation on this Golden City of India. Spending vacation on Jaisalmer is one of the best and memorable vacations in the life of visitors.