The Global Appeal of Star Trek


Star Trek is a science fiction franchise comprising six television series, ten films plus numerous books, comics, games and collectibles. If you have enjoyed this series in the past you should enjoy the fact that the franchise has been re-energized by the newest movie in theaters now.

Actually, the popularity of this science fiction phenomenon has been very high since the advent of The Next Generation (ST:TNG), and plugging Star Trek into a search engine yields more than 3 million matches. More than 63 million books are in print and have been translated into dozens of languages including Chinese, Norwegian, Hungarian, and Hebrew. The show, in one form or another, is seen in more than 100 countries across the globe and over 10 million videos have been sold. More than thirty million fans watch Star Trek programming around the world every week.

Whether you are a Harry Potter geek or a Star Trek geek, the word “geek” is not the insult it used to be. It can even be considered a compliment depending on your circle of friends! The fact is, we geeks are happily engrossed in intellectual pursuits (I think our friends are jealous!). “Trekkies” (obsessed) and “Trekkers” (less obsessed) are the only fans listed by name in the Oxford English Dictionary!

The future world of Star Trek is portrayed as a universe where poverty, want, and illness have been eliminated. There is no need for money, no disease, no hunger, no cursing and no paper or cluttered homes. There is only the pursuit of self-improvement and personal growth. There is structure and protocol in a fantastic futuristic setting that is filled with excellent vocabulary and scripts as well as villains and aliens – some good, some bad. There is fun and humor – it is escapism at its best!

Considering the current state of this world, it is very appealing to imagine a future like the one depicted in Star Trek. Eventually even NASA became involved! The franchise has unquestionably influenced the design of many modern technologies such as the cell phone, MRI (from Dr. McCoy’s diagnostic table) and the new Kindle!

Just like John Wayne films and James Bond movies, Star Trek is a mainstay in our lives, despite how many film critics and just plain mean spirited killjoys have tried to kill it over the years. If you will give any series half a chance, I think you will discover why there are so many millions of fans – perhaps you will become one yourself!

Live long and prosper…