The Floral Jewels of Australia – Australian Flowers


Think of Australia and thoughts of Uluru, “throw another shrimp on the barbie” and kangaroos come to mind. But, some of our most beautiful icons are the flora that the unforgiving Australian climate can produce. Not only are they seen thriving in Australian gardens and bushland, they can also be seen on Australian currency and as our national emblem. It’s surprising to learn about just how many varieties of beautiful Australian natives are available.

Kangaroo Paw
With their unique flowers and range of colours and forms, Kangaroo Paws are among the most stunning of Australian native plants. Growing from a bulb, they produce stunning red and green flowers on long stems mainly during spring and summer. The Kangaroo Paw only grows in the wild in the south-west of Western Australia and is often a great talking point in any arrangement.

There are around 72 varieties of Banksia found in Australia, but most of the varieties grow naturally in Western Australia. In the warmer areas of the country, they can be seen in many Australian backyards. Banksia flowers are usually a shade of yellow, but different variations of orange, red and pink flowers can also be found. The bold and bright Banksia can be seen in full bloom from February to September each year.

The Waratah was given its name by Australian Aborigines and means ‘red-flowering tree’. The fiery red Waratah is the state emblem of NSW and only grows wildly in this state. Many Australian businesses have used the Waratah in their logos because it is one of the most recognised Australian flowers, both domestically and internationally. The Waratah flowers can be seen in all their glory between the months of August and October.

Like the name suggests, the Bottlebrush looks very similar to that of a brush that is used to clean bottles! Most Bottlebrushes can be found growing wild in the south and south-east of Australia. The most common colour that is seen in a Bottlebrush flower is a vibrant red, but some variations of yellow, orange, pink and white can be seen also.

As Australia’s floral emblem, the Wattle flower is probably the one flower that is recognised the world over. Its bright yellow pom-pom type flowers grow in clusters and are soft to touch. Wattle grows naturally in the southern Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, western Victoria and southern inland areas of New South Wales. Over the years it has also spread into other parts of southern Australia.

Quite possibly, the most impressive element of Australian native flowers is that they manage to thrive in the harsh Australian climate. The yellows, pinks, oranges and reds are such a true reflection of the Australian landscape and are genuinely breathtaking as is the country itself. Whether it be the Waratah, Wattle, Bottlebrush or Kangaroo Paw, the choice of beautiful Australian native flowers is really quite incredible.