The Flavors of Penang Restaurants


These days, the beautiful country of Malaysia is not only popular for its stunning tourist attractions and highly evolved commercial centers, but it is also home to wonderful and outstanding restaurants where people would often emphasize its food standards as probably what they enjoyed most. There is a growing number of good restaurants all over the country, most notably in the in the scenic island paradise of Penang.

The island of Penang is renowned as one of the best places to find excellent restaurants in the country. These restaurants are dedicated to provide tourist travelers and common folk their specialty cuisines. Penang Restaurants are very diverse as they offer Chinese, Thai, Indian, the local Malay, Portuguese and so much more. An exciting line-up of dishes consisting of fried noodles, satay, rending, roti canai, laksa, chicken rice and even western foods are popular choices in these restaurants that thrived here side-by-side with international food chains.

It would be obvious to point out that going for these local cuisines is the main attraction as it should be one of your main objectives for visiting this lively island. You also have choices if you prefer comfort foods and international flavors instead. And you can enjoy them on open, comfortable spots, or inside stylish and classy dining areas.

There is an abundance of different set-ups for you to choose from, and most of these restaurants are easily located by typical short walks. Some can be found in the famous Georgetown downtown, described as the island’s administrative capital. The seafront is also an exciting place where seafood restaurants flourish, offering memorable dining experiences with that gentle sea breeze taste. If you love to stay in the beaches, head north where you can find restaurants that offers excellent nightfall treats of traditional Malay, Chinese and western dishes. All of these are worth your money with its top-class ambiance, and your smart-casual dressing will make you fit in perfectly.

Whether feasting under the stars or enjoying a relaxing indoor mood, Penang Restaurants are ideal places to try local foods and get enlightened to the wonders of the Malaysian dining experience.