The Essentials of an Australian Working Visa


A visa is necessary for travel, work and residency and a working visa carries a great importance to both the host country and the migrants. Without it, most of the skilled workers would have never made it to their destination. Most nations, Australia in specific, will not allow a foreign skilled worker to cross its border without permission to enter. It is imperative for any nation to monitor prospective migrants or tourists as this helps the country on avoiding concerns like terrorism, overpopulation and economics. With a working visa, this allows the government to control how many foreign visitors can enter and how long they are allowed to stay and the activities they are allowed to participate. In some countries such as Australia, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship records detailed statistics on how many people enter, leave and live within the country. There have been over 500, 000 people emigrating from their home country to move to Australia for good in past five years alone. Averaging at just over 100, 000 people are reported making a permanent residency to Australia each year. This does not include yet those who applied for Australian work holiday visa and other visas to Australia such as tourist visas. Anyone who visits the country has to apply for and have in place a valid visa before they land in the country. Take note that there is not simply one type of visa to cover every type of stay. A visa serves as a paramount to ensure that a trip is trouble free that a visitor has applied for and received the most suitable visa for their individual stay. An applicant can choose from a Skilled, Business, Family or Spouse visa in applying for visa that allows permanent residency. Skilled Visa specifically can be granted to those who wish to make a permanent move to Australia and who can fulfill the needs of any of the occupations that are in high demand. These occupations can be found on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and varies considerably but expect for a lot of competition for the number of visas that are allocated for those who can fulfill a SOL listed occupation. It is the list that superseded the Critical Skills List which started in 2010. The applicant can also choose a Business Visa in which he or she is allowed to stay in the country on a permanent basis as long as they can contribute to or invest in the country. You will be able to apply to this type of work visa for Australia as long as you are running a business and transferring it to the country or are planning on setting a meaningful and well-planned business. Travel visa and Working Holiday visa are both primarily for holiday purposes. These two cover the vast majority of tourists to the country and allows for someone to make Australia their temporary residence for a short period of time, assuming that they do not carry out any form of work or academic studies. Australian work holiday visa allows the applicant to spend up to 24 months in the country whilst working and studying. It is one of the most sought after due to the freedom that it allows the holder. Living in Australia can be a great experience for anyone. No wonder, the number of foreign citizens who apply for visas to the country is enormously increasing each year. But to ensure that there are no any hassles during your stay, it is at most advised that you apply for and received the most suitable visa for your individual time in Australia.